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Small Business Turnaround Plan: Your Complete Guide to Getting Back to Profitability While Saving Your Sanity

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“Business downturns suck!”

That’s the first thing you’ll read in the new book by Byron Walker. He doesn’t use those words to scare you or to be negative, but to set the stage that he is honest with you from the Introduction right through to the last sentence of the book. You will be guided step-by-step through the process of acknowledging the downturn, stopping the bleeding, and then moving to a road of upward recovery.

In January of 2019, Byron realized his $9 million a year ecommerce business, was actually losing money. How could that be when sales numbers appeared to be at an all-time high for the company? Byron knew he had to act fast but there were no books he could find to help him implement a business turnaround for the size of his small business.

If you had 200+ employees and five levels of middle managers, sure. Many turnaround books exist for the corporate world. There needed to be a realistic plan designed for the small business along with turnaround resources to support the plan. Small business Turnaround Plan provides that tool and is the only one of its kind.

Small Business Turnaround Plan Book solves three main problems:

  1. Stopping the losses from getting worse.
  2. Reversing the downward trend of not turning a profit.
  3. Eliminating the depression and anxiety you go through when you’re company is deteriorating.

Specifically, the book will guide you step-by-step through a sequence in how to:

  • Increase cash flow immediately.
  • Discover why the “just sell more” strategy could backfire.
  • Save on expensive consultants with a do-it-yourself plan.
  • Survive the mental rollercoaster & become a better leader in the process.
  • Get pack to predictive profitability in the shortest time possible.

You have the opportunity right this moment to transition your business from the chaos of losing money into a profitable organization you can be proud of once again. The Small Business Turnaround Plan book can help you find the way. Amazon Buy Now Button for Small Business Turnaround Book