The Turnaround Podcast

The Turnaround Podcast With Byron Walker

Join author and business owner, Byron Walker, as he discusses business turnaround challenges and solutions with top business thought leaders. The Turnaround Podcast is the perfect compliment to his new book, Small Business Turnaround Plan: Your Complete Guide to Getting Back to Profitability While Saving Your Sanity. Twice a month, Byron features new podcast topics related to turnaround issues, including:

  • Having the right mental attitude for turning around a company going through a downturn.
  • Understanding and working through the difficulty of layoffs.
  • Knowing your finances instead of just trusting it to outside help.
  • The importance of journaling your ideas.
  • Finding your core using Byron’s 80/20 rule.
  • Why cash flow is king!

And many other topics.

Join Byron and a variety of guests as the Turnaround Podcast is produced typically two to three times a month and can be found on your favorite podcasting channel here: